which shot is better? a poll…

hi again!

i decided to take a break from the daily photos this month. Today, I’m inspired to toe back into the photography water and  begin to teach myself some joys of black and white photography. i’m an enormous fan of the street photographers of the 40’s, such as Helen Levitt, Louis Faurer and Vivian Meier, and I’m going to challenge myself to photograph more people. Ack! I’m scared! Yet I’m entranced by the rewards. I love the energy of shots of people on the street, in the middle of a city, the rush of the world. Street photography is a humblingly difficult art. The ability to see a stranger on the street and in a quick moment, capture the most intimate of moments. Those photographers were masters.

Ah, humanity.

Well, I didn’t get any good people shots today. But I did get a couple of moody shots that look as if they were shot in the 40’s. Which composition do you prefer? I can’t decide…

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2 thoughts on “which shot is better? a poll…

  1. My preferance was immediate and unwavering. The second shot.
    Now I get to ask a question. What is this place you’ve let me to, with your shout out for “most popular crop”?
    Is this what a blog is?
    Are you contemplating a second career in photography?
    Or is this some sort of marketing venue? If so/product or info?
    Why have they required my email?
    What camera are you using?
    Are you developing your own film?
    The journal like commentary about your adventures in photography…a conversation with friends? Or a more public sort of diary?
    So many questions, I’m sorry, but this venue is foreign to me, and ypu’ve peaked my curiosity!
    And finally, one last question (from The Spanish Inquisition)…ok, maybe 3…
    How ARE you?
    WHERE are you?
    And your answers, your choises, whatever they might be…are they making you Happy?
    Your friend,

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