West Coast Road Trippin…

Ladies and gentlemen, the All Passion Spent blog is back. It’s been a long hiatus, but I think the wait (you were barely breathing, I know! I know!) will have been worth it. I took approximately 13,000 photographs over the spring and summer, and I finally have deemed it time to unleash them on the world.

This little series is taken from two trips I took this summer on the Pacific Coast Highway and the 101, from Portland to San Diego in the spring, and then back north in the fall.  It was a spectacular way to experience our planet, driving on one lane highways through redwoods, getting lost (yes, lost, I may or may not have driven for 3 hours along a gravel service road high in the Sequoia National Park mountains with no cell service and a map that thought my road didn’t exist), hugging trees, greeting deer and elk and a cow on a cliffside.

I’m a lucky gal. Here’s some proof. More to come soon:




AbandonedHouse copy

Berkshires New Year #3: Windows

I love this house. I love the people who own it more.





Berkshires New Year #2: Tobogganinganing

I learned a lot about peak ice and snowpack conditions on this day. Who knew tobogganing was so technical a sport?






Berkshires New Year # 1: The Barn

Helooooo!!!! Happy New Year! I rang in the new year in West Stockbridge. And fell in love with a barn. (click on an image for full size resolution). 

Barn Door, horizontal

full barn, back view. winter.

Side of barn, winter

icicles on barn

barn door from side. winter.

barn w/ house. snow.



for once, i feel tall.

I’m back!

Hi, squirts! Phew. It’s been a full throttle few months. Today was the first day in ages that I’ve had time for my photography. I am pleased as a cheshire cat to return to you. And it.

Hello, New York. I love you so. Especially your sleeping clowns on the subway.

Return to the Berkshires!

I have some great friends. Lee and Julia are two of the most generous people I know, and I just had a stunning weekend at their house in West Stockbridge. Mozart, Bernstein and Tchaikovsky concerts (while swanning around the grounds at Tanglewood! Oh! Oh!), NY Times on the porch, blueberry pies, a pesto making party, swimming, more swimming, and then some more swimming, a recording of their son Sam’s extraordinary first symphony (he’s still in college!) and reading. Reading by the pool, reading in the pool, reading while swimming…

I’m becoming really pretty good at week-ending.

(click on an image for full-screen resolution…)


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